Field work in Xinjiang


Professor Cong did field observation in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in July, 2014. During September 21st to 28th, 2014, Meng Duan, Kangle Mo and Baoxiang Pan conducted field observations in the middle and lower reaches of the Horqin Catchment and the middle reach of Akesu Catchment, Xinjiang Province. Observation samples were taken from 20×20m ecological quadrats with different types of plants. The vegetation density, canopy cover, LAI (leaf area index) and leaf surface angle were measured. Soil samples with different distances from the river channel were collected. They also made an on-spot investigation of the Aksu wetland with the accompany of local river management committee officials.

Field work in Xinjiang in July, 2014

Field work in Xinjiang in July, 2014

Yarkand River

Riverside of Yarkand 叶尔羌河边

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