Field Trip to Xiaolangdi Dam


ETCong Group went on a field trip to Xiaolangdi Dam on May 24th, 2015. The Xiaolangdi Dam is located in Jiyuan, Henan Province. It impounds the Yellow River and has a total installed capacity of 1,836 MW. Xiaolangdi is famous for Water and Sediment Regulation in the Yellow River, which is usually conducted in June.

Led by dam stuff, the students visited the exhibition hall and walked on the dam, thus having a deeper understanding of the project. Then they had a wonderful time in the wetland park near the dam, in which they were really amazed by the fantastic physical model of the Yellow River.

field trip to Xiaolangdi Dam1

ETCong Group at Xiaolangdi Dam

field trip to Xiaolangdi Dam2

Lin Zhou at Xiaolangdi Wetland Park

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