Congratulations on Danwu, Baoxiang and Lin’s graduation!


Danwu Zhang, Baoxiang Pan, and Lin Zhou completed their graduate studies in July, 2015.

congratulations on Danwu Baoxiang and Lin's graduation1

Danwu published 4 papers during his PhD period. His doctoral thesis is “Researches on the effects of Seasonality of Precipitation and Potential Evapotranspiration on Catchment Hydrological Partitioning” (水热季节性对流域水文的影响研究). He will work as a post-doctor in Tsinghua University after graduation.

The topic of Baoxiang Pan’s master thesis is “Temporal Scale Analysis of Catchment Hydrological Models Based on Stochastic Features”(基于随机特征的流域水文模型时间尺度研究). Baoxiang will study for his PhD degree in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of California Irvine, USA.

Lin Zhou’s thesis is on “Urban Evapotranspiration in Beijing”(北京市城市蒸散发研究). She will work in The Export-Import Bank of China.

Congratulations to you all. May you be blessed with greater success in the future!

congratulations on Danwu Baoxiang and Lin's graduation2

Danwu in his PhD thesis defense

congratulations on Danwu Baoxiang and Lin's graduation3

Lin and Baoxiang in their master defenses

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