Attending 2016 AGU Fall Meeting


Prof. Cong, KangLe Mo and QiNing Shen attended the 2016 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco between 12th December and 18th December.

Prof. Cong delivered an oral presentation in the Advances in Ecohydrology of Water-Stressed Environments session. The title of his research is “Vegetation Cover based on Eagleson’s Ecohydrological Optimality in Northeast China Transect (NECT)”.

KangLe Mo made a poster in the session of Earth System Dynamics, Complexity, and Predictability: Physical and Analytical Approaches Bridging the Geosciences. The title of her research is “Stochastic dynamics of carbon and nitrogen cycling: analysis of the closure problem and sensitivity to climate forcing”.


KangLe and her poster

KangLe met Prof. Porporato, her supervisor in Duke University, at the AGU fall meeting.


Prof. Porporato, Prof. Cong and Kangle

QiNing Shen delivered a poster in the session of Evapotranspiration: Advances in In Situ Measurements and Remote Sensing Based Modeling Approaches. The title of her study is “Evapotranspiration estimation considering anthropogenic heat based on remote sensing in urban area”.


QiNing and her poster

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