Hong Shen won two fundings, Congratulations to her!


Recently, Hong Shen won the 1st-class Funding sponsored by the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (中国博士后科学基金第61批面上基金一等资助) and the Youth Scientific Funding supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (国家自然科学基金委青年科学基金项目).

Congratulations to her!

The programs of Hong Shen’s fundings are “Can GRACE satellite observations enhance the application of Budyko model over large basins at annual or sub-annual scales” (GRACE重力卫星对Budyko假说的多尺度检验及模拟优化)and “Studying basin water balance variations at multiple time scales based on the Budyko hypothesis and GRACE gravimetry satellite observations” (基于Budyko假说及GRACE重力卫星观测对流域水量平衡变化的多时间尺度研究).


Budyko hypothesis is a powerful tool to characterize basin water balance over long-term average scale. However, due to the absence of water storage change (dS/dt) measurement, Budyko theory is not suitable to estimate the variations of catchment water components such as ET and Q at annual or seasonal scales. The launch of GRACE gravimetry satellites allows the land water storage change to be measurable over large space for the first time, which can be further introduced into the Budyko model to answer the following questions: 1) whether the model is applicable over a basin at inter-/intra-annual time steps; 2) whether the influences of vegetation and topography on catchment water balance and hydrological variations are overestimated without considering dS/dt in the model; 3) how would ET, Q and dS/dt dynamically vary with each other under the impacts of climate change/variability and human activities (i.e., massive groundwater pumping). These two researches will take global large basins such as Hai River Basin and Murray Darling Basin as study regions. Results are expected to provide deep insights into the applicability of Budyko theory over short terms, as well as an improvement of it in capturing catchment water balance and hydrological variations.

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