Attending the 15th China Water Forum


Prof. Cong, Hong Shen and QiNing Shen made oral reports at the 2017 15th China Water Forum in Shenzhen City during 11th-12th November.

Environmental change is a global issue. The 15th Forum set a topic as “Water System Innovation for Global Change (面向全球变化的水系统创新研究)” and saw a lot of discussions and progress in resolving water-related issues.


Fig.1 Opening Ceremony of the 15th China Water Forum


Fig.2 Prof. Cong is making his oral report


Fig.3 Hong Shen is making her oral report


Fig.4 QiNing Shen is making her oral report

China Water Forum

The China Water Forum is a large-scale national conference that is held every year since 2003 in cooperation with the public, private sectors, academia, and industries. It was first launched in an effort to facilitate international discussions on global water challenges.

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