Congratulations on Lexin Zhang, Muhammad Shahid’s graduation and post doctor Hong Shen’ accomplishment on her research!


Lexin Zhang and Muhammad Shahid completed their graduate studies in July, 2019, and post doctor Hong Shen accomplished her scientific work on the same day.

Lexin Zhang’s working thesis is Response of Temperate Grasslands to Climate Change in the Northeast China.

Muhammad Shahid’s working thesis is Understanding the Hydrological Trends in the Indus Basin.

Hong Shen’s working thesis is Regional Ecohydrological Response Based on the Mutli-source Satellite Observations.

Congratulations to Lexin Zhang, Muhammad Shahid and Hong Shen . Best wishes for this important milestone in their life and career. May all of you be blessed with greater success in the future!


Professor Cong and Lexin Zhang


Professor Cong and Muhammad Shahid


Professor Cong and Hong Shen

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